Success of online gambling and entertainment in India

Grey areas can sometimes turn an industry black. Take the case of online gambling and entertainment in India. While its real-world brethren in the Indian context are either looked down upon or outright illegalized by law (unless you are in Sikkim, Goa or Daman where the roulette never stops rotating and cash registers never stops ringing!), online gambling and entertainment in India is still allowed because there’s no provision in the Public Gambling Act of 1867 that bans the same- because the internet and things online weren’t around when the law came into being! Check the year! A full decade after India’s first war of independence in 1857.

Compulsive gamblers
Our scriptures and mythologies too speak of Kings and Commoners alike gambling away all they had. While the latter isn’t exactly advisable, it doesn’t take away the fact that India had in the past always been rich, wealthy and resourceful enough to afford and enjoy the simple pleasure of betting and gambling.

Indians were always the kinds who took risks (which to an extent was dampened by the British with the law mentioned above!) sometimes calculated but mostly out of gut-instincts and sheer audacity.

Time on hand
The Covid-19 pandemic-led lockdown pushed people behind closed door for a good 6 to 9 months. With only boredom beyond a point, online gambling and entertainment was the one source that kept people sane. It also gave them most an extra source of income to some but in most cases, it helped people keep their mental faculties intact instead of staring at depression and everything negative. With the economy picking up, people would find time to move beyond the traditional sources of entertainment. With gambling and entertainment being out of question in the real-world, online gambling could be the best and healthiest bet.