All the advantages of online betting

When one can find life-partners online, why not entertainment, and money? Online gambling has certain advantages like:

India has a very negative connotation with respect to gambling. It’s considered a vice meant for the “lowly” or the “high-and-mighty” to indulge in. Online gambling introduces an element of privacy given that it can be accessed through any gadgets at any time of one’s choosing.

Professionalism & ethics
Online gambling and related entertainment have an element of high professionalism where rules are pre-set and people can play against pre-set margins instead of playing open with the risk of losing everything.

Introduction of newer games
Things in the cyberworld don’t have physical constraints. In the case of online gambling, newer games can be introduced almost by the minute! It’s only technology and security that could be an issue which in any case most online sites take good care of. Most in fact, have the best security set-up that can be found that keeps player’s identities, game scores and monetary details very secure and safe.

Anytime anywhere
Gambling and casinos aren’t present in India other than in Goa, Sikkim and Daman. In the Indian context, you either go abroad or you go to these states. In either situation, it takes time to plan the trip. For folks short on time, it’s a complete no-go. The same does not apply to online gambling and where one can play at anytime of one’s choice and games of one’s liking.

Payment in Indian Rupees
Gambling sites like the ones mentioned above in most cases accept payments in Indian Rupees despite the fact that most set-ups are outside India! Yes, you pay in INRs and enjoy your bit of gambling.

In monetary terms, it is a known fact that close to 80% Indians gamble at least once a year. Certain times of the year and festivities too engender this activity, especially Diwali when its considered auspicious to gamble. Games like IPL and legal online betting on these are increasingly getting popular and has in fact made these games the most popular such events ever! Confirmed sources put the figure of online betting in India in 2019 at close to INR 60 billion which by 2024 could go five times high to INR 300 billion.

Putting legalities in place could have a double whammy for the economy. It would fetch much needed and big monies in taxes for the government and put an end to seedy side shows which malign the industry’s name. Also, India being the land of software professionals, any legal steps in the right direction could generate much-in-demand employment for a sizable section of the population be it for coding, UX/UI and even game designing itself.