Tips to Stay Anonymous When You Betting Online

Online entertainment casinos have increasingly become popular over the years as a means to earn money. However, many gamblers are scared about the safety and privacy of their gambling activities. There is no need to be worried because it is possible to stay unidentified when gambling. Here are some tips that can help stay anonymous when gambling.

Use Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin is a widely known crypto. They are only available in digital form and have actual monetary worth. Bitcoins can be easily exchanged from one person to another privately because they do not operate with banks or any other financial institutions. Online casinos have increasingly adopted bitcoins as a means of payment to maintain their customer’s anonymity.

Use a VPN
Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are common among online users, including gamblers. A VPN encrypts your internet traffic and disguises your online identity. Most of them are simple browser plugins and you just need to choose a location and begin surfing. They help to protect your browsing history from your internet provider and ensure your safety when on a public Wi-Fi connection. However, keep in mind to always use a reliable VPN provider to ensure your protection.

Do not Install Casino Apps
If you want to stay anonymous when you are gaming online, you should avoid installing casino apps on your phone. Online casino apps can collect information from your phone depending on the permission you have granted them and share it with a third party, jeopardizing your safety and privacy.

Clean Your Tracks
When playing in online casinos, you may want to keep it a secret from your friends and relatives, especially if you share gadgets. There are settings built in your browser which can make work easier for you. You can either clear your browsing history when you are done with your activities or browse in incognito mode to avoid saving your browsing history data in your gadget.

Contact customer service via Telegram
At times, you may encounter problems when betting online and you may want to get in touch with the support team. Telegram is an excellent communication method for keeping your information private. In addition, when using telegram, they do not need to know your phone number. Your username is enough. You can also clear the chats, and the other party will not be notified that you have removed them hence no evidence of your gambling activities.